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Where does the endless rain cloud in my mind really wander to?



An ever changing mood, in a world where patience is a waste. I can now see, these days, why I do not have the things that I aspire to have. I'm just not meant, to have the things I exactly want in life. The things I work hard for will almost always go to waste. The decisions I make will almost always make sure to visit and haunt my memories. There are reminders all around me, as to why I don't deserve to be happy in life. The days in where I'll struggle with just getting to school, the days in where I walk to school and all the cars pass by with their pitied eyes upon my presence. The days where my mom chooses to be a coward and blame me for the way things turned out for her. The days where just being myself is a drag, and a knock in the back of my mind. A constant reminder, that I am not in a fairytale, and I am just a person with a fate that is just meant to be unhappy. The things I work for, all go to waste, they show no results. No matter what efforts I give the world, there will be nobody there to see it. As efforts are only considered what they are, if another has seen them. Which is why; those with fame will always be known for their efforts. Whereas the ones without the lenses in their direction, will only have their ever failing memory upon them to bring about their own dying history. My test scores fail, my ambitions fail, my lifestyle fails, and almost undoubtedly, so will my future. A pattern, how can I not see it? The unhappiness I'm entitled to will always lurk in my mind before the idea of happiness for a lost case ever could. The reason. The reason why I cannot find significance in loving someone, is because I will never truly learn to love myself. Is such tyranny not a good enough reason to make sure, that everyone stays away from the monster that will only hurt others? I have actually figured it out a long time ago. The reason why I cannot and will not love anyone for a lifetime, is because I will only entitle them to painful memories. There are no pleasant fables in where a horrid beast can receive a happy ending, such things simply don't exist, is simple. True monsters do not get happy endings. As am I, a horrid monster, who deserves nothing but the loneliness and solitude that they must have upon themselves to not hurt the beings of the good, the praiseworthy, and the great. A happy ending, does not exist for a monster such as I. A monster who has birthed from their mother, evil is bound to pass on, for generations to come, unhappiness is a virtue that a monster learns to embrace. As for me, I'll continue to disappoint not only myself, but the others around me as well, for the sole purpose that redemption and recognition is not in my destiny, and my destiny was meant to and will be a cruel one. A monster birthed from a heart of evil, will be evil and have no room for ideas such as love and happiness, as monsters are not entitled to that kind of pleasure in their  lifetime. I'll live this way for quite a while, as I will probably never attain happiness, knowing the way my life has gone by so far, where nothing works out for the best, where I am almost certainly not living a normal life, finding a normal love, or having a normal existence, I'll lock the remnants of my compassion like a treasure, so that treasure cannot be tainted like the others. Although I want to be happy, my heart already knows, that such a thing, will definitely not be entitled to a monster like me. 



Daydream at the seat of the table, pencil in hand, book in front, as the mind leaves the shell, and goes on a short trip to the unknown, and the limitless location.

There will be an eclipse later on this morning, knowing I won't sleep past this event makes me happier than when I had napped through the eclipse in the 6th grade. But other than that, I had spent some time with my mom and step dad today, which was more joyous than usual, although I dont know why it was so much more joyous, the moment had made me happy, and that's all I really need to remember. We ate ramen and smiled, it was a refreshing feeling. It will be the second week of my senior year, and I can only wonder what kind of feelings I will carry with myself throughout the year. I began wondering this because, I had encountered many nostalgic notes that reminded me of the person that others had seen me to be. The person who received those letters was a happy and friendly person. I can only wonder if I still seem that way in the eyes of my peers today? After all those years passed, we've all become so truly different, without realizing it, like a daydream, high school is almost over. I am worried about what the future holds, but I will try my best to walk myself confidently into whatever mess I get into in the future. I truly don't want to be petty or pitiful anymore, and should start living a road for myself. These feelings I type down, might truly be short lived, but only time can tell how much this moment meant to me. It's getting quite late now, so I should be getting back to my real dreams, goodnight.  



A little part of me, breaks each time in silence, in the dark hours of the night, whenever my mother lies to me, whenever she runs away from her problems, whenever my mother shows me how much of a coward she is, it shows me just one thing, I don't want to be like either of my parents as I age. I don't want to lie, I don't want to be a coward, I don't ever want to run from my problems when every path leads me back to the same original question. I don't want to be like my father, who lies, who pretends, who hurts others. I don't want to lie to my children if I ever have any, I don't want to pretend to love someone when there is no love to see, I don't want to hurt others with my thoughts and actions without thinking. With parents who do this so often, with parents who divorced because it happened so often, I've grown to the point where I avoid my problems when I'm scared, I hurt others feelings without knowing, I become a coward in the face of the true fight that is life itself. So am I not, if anything, but a mere clone of manifested feelings I have always wanted to rid myself of all this time? 

Knowing I've lied to myself in such a manner, how can I ever bring myself to believe I am a nice person, or a pretty person, when I only live life as a manifestation of my own lies and secrets? I feel so unworthy of good things, I feel so horrible that someone with the potential to be more grateful than I, am living such a life in their place. I don't deserve to be happy, or successful, not with these despicable feelings inside, not with these tears that keep coming for no reason, and for my mom to explain that such an entity such as God will help me and her? How can I believe in such an entity when no such thing has ever spared me from my suffering in this short life before? How do I believe in an entity such as God, who will never show me the brighter sides of what I can be, who can show a path that leads to just the thought of happiness? I will never believe in such a fake entity such as God, not someone who has never heard my prayers, not someone who has turned their back on my biggest pleas, not someone who has thrown me in the pit of hell, only to realize that the same hell can only get worse and hurt more. How can I possibly have faith in something that has never shown the slightest bit of faith in me? And how can I have faith in someone other than I, when I already suffer the challenges of putting faith into myself? I don't want to be like my parents, who blindly follow the faith of an entity that never responds, the entities that will forever ignore my pleas and leave me in the kind of life that forever makes me question the kind of person I can still be, before my time runs out, and only the manifestation of my parent's despicable behaviors are left within me. How... do I live with myself in fear... of becoming like my parents?

The present



I feel horrible, I really do, fighting with Brenda when she couldn't give a second care about how I feel. I'm just so upset, I always feel like my feelings are justified, or that I just don't deserve these feelings of anger. Why is that? Why don't I ever feel valid in anything I do? Why do I always apologize first and nobody else does? Why do I move aside for people who will purposely expect me to move for them? It's just not fair, I feel at times. Why does Brenda get to have the upper hand by pulling the victim card and saying everything is her fault when it isn't? Why doesn't she ever just apologize to me when I get mad, but apologizes to everyone else when she has to? Why doesn't she ever try to hear me out when I try to express my feelings? She never really cares about what I enjoy, plus she ignores me when I want to contribute work because she thinks her way is always the right way. I am never validated by her, always ignored, I honestly feel like she could care less, and that the only reason why she tried to leave today was so that she wouldn't make the rest of them upset, since she never even attempted or even thought about apologizing for what she did the other day and ignoring us in that way. I hate how when I want to tell her how I feel, I never tell her because she's going to just brush it off with her own topic or just say something to stop me from talking. I honestly feel like I have such a useless existence when I'm around her, yet she still wants to try and maintain this "friendship" that we have? I don't know how much longer I can continue to push aside my feelings of not wanting to exist when I'm around Brenda. She obviously could care less if I stopped talking, or if I just didn't hang out with her anymore. She wants the rest of nugget to be her friend, not really me. Since I can't even recall the last time she bothered caring about what I had to say without her brushing off my feelings to talk about something she wants or cares more about. I don't ever want to show her my music, or whatever I accomplish when I play games, I don't even want to talk to her about seventeen anymore because when I do mention them, she either gets mad at me or just ignores me to talk about herself and her personal events. I really feel like a useless existence in the eyes of Brenda, and I don't know what to do at this point. I've felt this way since sophomore year.