Tsukiko's Blog

Where does the endless rain cloud in my mind really wander to?

Is it wrong?

If you fail once, try, try, again.


What if I get sick of trying? More like, I am, the feeling of never getting the person you like to ever look your way. It's painful. I like someone, but it feels like i'm digging my own grave, a deep, deep grave. Whether it be a trivial crush, or a full on love attack. I feel despair, I also have a stubborn heart, so like most people, who can brush their feelings away in a flash, it is impossible for me, who's heart lingers with little bits of heartbreak as I take slow steps. So I guess you can say, my heart is as stubborn as my small feelings... But I cannot let them go, for that is the way I am... It hurts, everytime I am rejected without their knowing. Pushing them is the only instinct I know of afterwards. And. Just. Like. That. I end up losing them forever, in a labrinth of problems, and me? I'm lost, so lost, it's almost unbearable, the obstacles I must face to find a way out. The things I will have to experience, before I am finally at peace. The thing I wonder is, even at such a young age, when will I stop walking on thorns, but walk on something less, much less painful? Or will I lose my feet trying to dance with the pain and the despair remaining in my heart?