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Where does the endless rain cloud in my mind really wander to?

The Tiresome Things

What would you see in her eyes, if she saw nothing in hers? 


There are a few things I just can't understand, how do I look up when I'm feeling down? How can I act vividly when there is nothing to be vivid about?  

Lately I feel like it's just gotten sad, I'm pretty sure it's me. There's still so much color, yet I just can't see it. Why am I becoming so colorblind to the better things in life? I wish I could understand. But if I can't see anything nice anymore, how do other people see it? Is it dreadful? Is there more color in their eyes than there is mine? I'm just not comprehending the way my mind wants this to work. I'm slowly becoming incapable of defining my own feelings... Why can't I define this simple emotion? Sometimes I feel like I'm too scared to admit my own feelings. I'd like to find freedom again