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Where does the endless rain cloud in my mind really wander to?

Is There Room?

Is there ever room for one more person? 

     I feel like a nuisance lately, like I'm not exactly good enough to speak out loud or do anything for my own good. Sometimes I feel like my "friends" put everything I say interpret it like it's some test that needs to be graded "The words you speak are a big mistake "

     Sometimes I don't know whether to lash out to get the cloudiness off my chest or whether I should isolate myself once more in this world, so that there can be more room for other people in the world, other than my selfish self. In where every word I speak needs to be corrected until I no longer say anything, and then they ask "Why have you gone quiet?" 

     One day, a simple dream to have, is that someone will make room for you, so that you feel like you belong in that tiny space of free thought, and mistakes don't matter.