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Where does the endless rain cloud in my mind really wander to?

My dream

So I had an almost terrifying dream that made me too scared to go back to sleep. 

But for some reason the theme that appeared was frightening. It was fairytales I was scared and I knew I was in this dream, but I was so scared, I couldn't wake up for the harsh actions done from that dream. So let me tell you a story.

Btw this is pretty similar to the hunger games stuff? But yeah just a heads up.

Princesses are the fairest of them all right? But what if the world eventually had women that gleamed to be more fair than the "fairest if them all"? The princesses didn't want to be left behind, they still wanted to be the fairest of them all. So, while they still had the ultimate power from their happily ever after. Snow white no longer had the heart as pure as white, Cinderella no longer had her ever charming smile, Belle no longer was the beauty, and Ariel was no longer the pretty princess of the sea.
     I dreamt of a scary place, the princesses had gone cold, and wanted blood. So all the princesses fairest in their land had gathered all the women they feared would be more fair than they were. And trapped them in the evil queens castle for a little game, whoever was left out of the large number, would be able to become a princess. 
     I was alice from wonderland in this story, who was forced to go thinking that me and my sister were equally fair. But they didn't like me, so they had sent me off to a hotel room that they forced me to wait in upon my sister, who was in fact fair to return.
     She told me of the first game. They were forced to be in a dungeon, one of five, which determined their set of killers. The killers being the princesses of the queens set up into trios, all with amazing hunting skills, and whoever was to survive by the time limit would go to the second round. 
     My sister decided to look for a treasure chest first, which Would grant you the power of predicting what you'll do in the dungeon. She found it and ran as fast as she could. The princesses of Cinderella had found her, there were 3 of them, and she saw them slaughtering the girls from her academy. She ran and ran but eventually one of them found her and she grew frightened. Until a woman showed up and piggy backed her and ran quickly to an area where the princesses were not lurking. It was an area full of rooms, rooms filles with heavy bags of trash. She ran into one of the rooms that were filled and prayed for the safety of that woman who had helped her because she said these words to her "I believe in this fair one, I will save her" 
     Soon after my sister had dumped herself in the corner of a big room that was filled with trash bags. The time limit was almost up, the princesses finally reached the area my sister was in, they frantically looked for her and started screaming "WHAT IF I DON'T KILL HER IN TIME" "I STILL WANT MOTHER TO THINK I'M BEAUTIFUL" "I DON'T WANT TO BE THE NEXT CINDER DAMSEL" 
     They were as frightened as she was, and soon the bell had rung at midnight, the round was over. The guard found her and then took her to the hotel room, but as I waited outside for her, I had seen the queens, in their garments and all, as they said "Tonight you shall go to a ball, a costume ball let it be in mind, there will be no prince charmings to save you at this ball, no exits until a number of people are left. Hehe, dress however you like, but we'll make sure to make it one hell of a nighhhhht" All the queens said it in harmony as they all went down the elevator. The next 12 hours were going to be a hell ride...
     This dream sounds long so I'll do the other half soon.