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A Faulted Start


Lately, just lately. I feel irritated. The fresh start wasn't exactly "Fresh" it was more rotten than it was ever fresh. I haven't seen "him" lately, which brings me relief all over. However, this school year feels empty, it's only been the 3rd week and I feel desolate and empty. I'm not sure what the cause is. I have come to despise the new freshmen at school, for their snobbish and tyrannic ways. I have encountered their snobbish and rude ways a number of times already within these first few weeks, which all occured in the same classroom.

The first event was when we had to do student introductions for our biology class, we had to write our names on the board one by one, and speak of our family or our interests etc. A girl diagonally left in front of me, goes before everyone else. But is incredibly rude, as the other kids speak of their interests, she whispers comments loudly to her friend across the classroom "Wow that's so lame!!" or things like "Ew I can't believe ***** is related to *****! How disgusting!!! Haha" It was rude to whisper in the first place, and it's even more disgusting to be talking about someone's life when people are trying to listen to it. I was immediately irked by her.

The second event was somewhat just how I felt, but we get assigned lab groups in biology, we are all supposed to work together and be friendly. It's not that they weren't friendly, but their rude assumptions lit me off. I didn't want to speak with them so I mind my own business and do the classwork I was assigned, just because I didn't want to, a girl in my group decides to pity me with her assumptions. "Aw, guys she's lonely!! Hi what's your name? (:" Do not assume someone is lonely just because they could not care less about your lost eraser, or could care less about your boyfriend. Her pitiful assumption she dumped on me made me want to hit her and smack some sense into her, that just because i'm alone, does not mean I feel lonely, assuming I am lonely is ignorance. 

The third and last event that occured recently has literally made me want to kick them in the face for their attitude. Lab groups once more, different person. I put my stuff on this corner of the table to reserve the spot, since I needed my teacher to sign a permission slip. By the time I return to my table, my stuff is moved, this girl acts as if nothing is wrong, and that it is her seat. Later then asks, "is everyone ok with where they're siitting? (:" I'm fustrated and tell her "That was my seat *******" and she responds in the snobbiest way ever. She tells me "Sorry, if you really wanted to sit here, you should've just stayed here (: I had no idea!" I was so fustrated to the point of throwing her onto the floor. How ignorant can someone be? You took my seat, you didn't even ask if I was consentual, you didn't even let me take my seat back.  Screw you girl in bio. 

Freshmen have been making my life much harder, they are the snobbiest generation of kids I have ever met, and the sad thing is.. There are more of them to come. I am thouroughly disappointed this year, and nothing, not a single thing has impressed me by a feather. I really have a strong feeling, that I won't be enjoying my sophmore year as much as I am hoping I would.