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To Hansol Chwe 021817

You, who is now a year older, is also now so much greater as time grows. 


To the boy who is now a year older,

You've grown so much in front of the thousands of people who admire you from afar, a person who brings smiles and laughter to those who lay their eyes on you, Hansol, you're truly amazing in every aspect I can see you in. You're so hardworking and loving to those around you, and knowing someone like you has gone so far, makes me incredibly warm inside. I hope that as you turn a year older on a beautiful day like this, that you will share more happy memories with the members of Seventeen, your family, and hopefully, the carats that will always love and support you in what you do. I've met so many people that have an undying amount of love for you, and being able to wake up everyday and see and share the same emotions with other people, is something I really enjoy. But none of it could've been possible if it weren't for you. You may not know this but, I believe that you taking the first step in working hard to be an idol, truly brought more friendships together than you think, and I'm really grateful for it when I see it. I'm so eternally happy and grateful for your existence, purely knowing that you could be smiling somewhere under the same sky as mine, brings warmth and happiness to my life. I personally love your smile for all it could possibly stand for. Whether a member has told you a funny joke, or you, yourself might have done something goofy, seeing you smile brings a smile to many other faces too, and hopefully, you will always get to be happy in such a way. 


To Hansol Chwe, who is a year older, 

You are so amazing in every aspect I can see you in, and there aren't enough beautiful words in the dictionary to describe that amazing-ness of yours. To the way your nose scrunches up from being really happy, to the times where you're simply eating with the members, all of it is a heartwarming emotion that is spread to others, including me. The times you are talking with fans, to the times you show concern for them, I think it's all so beautiful and thoughtful of you to have a big enough heart, for all of us that admire and love you from afar. I'm not as good with words as others may be, but I hope that you, Hansol, who is now a year older, know that I really love you for all that you live for, and that I hope you will always be happy and living life to its fullest! 

-Your average carat, Yan.