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Where does the endless rain cloud in my mind really wander to?



A fickle place in where your true self lies.

These days, my heart has a harder time dealing with the emotions of others. I sometimes believe it is the own will of my selfishness at work, but at times, I truly cannot connect my heart to a situation. With such a weak and fickle heart, I often wonder how I can find my true self. Such a hollow place, feeling like a mansion in where I wander endlessly trying to find myself. I am a soul looking for a treasure in which I've hidden in my own home. A treasure in which I've forgotten the location of where I've put it. Such an important existence, an important part of me, yet I can't find the treasure which is my true self. 


When one... finds their true self, I truly believe that they have found the treasure of their lives. Which is why I persist to ask myself, where is this great treasure of my own in which I've lost? Such an important existence, merely lost as if they were a pair of keys. Something so trivial, but so important, the fickle heart, is very much like it. 


I'm not sure why I am writing of the heart, but I don't feel like my true self, I'm lost in a mansion which is hollow like my heart, but like the blood that flows through, I'm always overwhelmed, tried. How does such things happen? How does one.... find their own hidden treasure?