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Where does the endless rain cloud in my mind really wander to?



Daydream at the seat of the table, pencil in hand, book in front, as the mind leaves the shell, and goes on a short trip to the unknown, and the limitless location.

There will be an eclipse later on this morning, knowing I won't sleep past this event makes me happier than when I had napped through the eclipse in the 6th grade. But other than that, I had spent some time with my mom and step dad today, which was more joyous than usual, although I dont know why it was so much more joyous, the moment had made me happy, and that's all I really need to remember. We ate ramen and smiled, it was a refreshing feeling. It will be the second week of my senior year, and I can only wonder what kind of feelings I will carry with myself throughout the year. I began wondering this because, I had encountered many nostalgic notes that reminded me of the person that others had seen me to be. The person who received those letters was a happy and friendly person. I can only wonder if I still seem that way in the eyes of my peers today? After all those years passed, we've all become so truly different, without realizing it, like a daydream, high school is almost over. I am worried about what the future holds, but I will try my best to walk myself confidently into whatever mess I get into in the future. I truly don't want to be petty or pitiful anymore, and should start living a road for myself. These feelings I type down, might truly be short lived, but only time can tell how much this moment meant to me. It's getting quite late now, so I should be getting back to my real dreams, goodnight.