Tsukiko's Blog

Where does the endless rain cloud in my mind really wander to?

Things I want to update about myself


Name: Yan (얌)

DOB: 12081999

Hobbies: finding new music, drawing, discovering interests, being with friends

Favorite animal: Otters and Bears

Favorite Color: Green 

Favorite Scent: floral citrus 

Favorite games: story of seasons, bravely series

Favorite food: cheesy foods + tomatoes

Favorite place: starry views 

Favorite aspect of self: my insecurities

Things I hate: asparagus, artichokes, and extremely confrontational people

Favorite item: my sketchbook with watercolor works


As of right now, I am not happy, but I am content, this feeling is the best thing I can feel. Happiness is temporary, but to feel content is more wholesome. I get to remind myself that with this content feeling of mine, that everything is so much better than when life was crumbling to pieces. Being content is so much better than the happiness that visits me like a one day vacation in a 365 day year. I'm happy to feel content, I've never been so glad to feel this average state of life. I hope there will be many more days of content in my future.